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Prices Range from $200-$500 depending upon size and scope of land and location.

Consultancy Includes

  • Site Visit
  • Multiple Lab Microbiology Tests
  • Water Infiltration Tests
  • Compaction Tests
  • Brix Plant Tests (if applicable)
  • Client Report includes all data test results, “Soil”utions and Costs to regenerate and restore.
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The soil ecosystem is a highly complex web, and each organism has a unique role to play. Science has barely be  gun to untangle the connections and functions of the extremely diverse array of life in soil, which is why it is so important to protect biodiversity in the ecosystem as a whole, and ensure that as many different organisms as possible are able to thrive and ultimately support the growth of healthy plants.

Hiring us for a consultancy will provide you with a detailed analysis about your current situation and how to restore and regenerate your land or garden.   We test the soils’ microbiology, water infiltration, compaction.    A detailed report is provided showing the test results and analysis and providing you with a soil-ution for healthy soil and plants including costs.


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