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“Unleashing the Collective Microbial Wisdom, Nurturing Plant and Human Health, Cultivating Self-Sufficiency for a Transformed World.”

We are a group of people who are harnessing the power of microbes, promoting microbe-rich soils, and recognizing the interconnections between plant health, human health, and self-sufficiency.   Our collective efforts are aimed at transforming the world by promoting sustainable agriculture, fostering healthier ecosystems, and empowering individuals so that we can lead self-sufficient lives with hope.


Vinka Coffee Farm Testimonial

Dr. Carlos Iñigues is a doctor of Ecohydrology and is the co-owner of Vinka coffee farm in Loja province, Ecuador. Due of his science background, Carlos decided to create a case study using our compost & extracts on a section of his coffee farm. After a few months, when Carlos saw the results, he stopped the case study and decided to use the compost & extracts on his entire land! On his first year his coffee beans rated 89% with the Coffee Association. 91% is considered World Class.

We provided soil tests, created a comprehensive soil report, and sold him our unique (microscope tested) microbe-rich compost and compost extracts. This is his experience using our products & services.

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“Leisha and her team did an exceptional job with our property. From the reports of our soil to the actual implementation of what we wanted in our gardens and fruit orchard. She not only helped with the soil but provided us with a plethora of plants, exotic herbs, seeds (which were planted), flowers, etc.   As gardening neophytes (especially when it comes to microbiology), Leisha made it ridiculously easy for us. She was able to expand our vision and tune in to our needs and the needs of the property. We are extremely happy!

As for the team, WOW! They are knowledgeable, friendly, fast, effective and highly professional. It’s really beautiful and inspiring to see your gardens transform. Knowing you are providing the best environment for your veggies, trees and plants to grow is deeply rewarding .  Finally, we received a beautiful report with pictures of our gardens showing how to take care of them, and where seeds got planted and which plants we received.  Just great service from start to finish!”

Serena & Nick, Masanamaca


We were so happy to find living ground, Leisha and the soil squad. With there help and support we’re enjoying our own microbe rich fruits and veggies. We have so much gratitude for the passion they have for the soil and everything that benefits as a result of they’re knowledge.

Todd, Malacatos


Happy that we were able to financially participate and support you the Living Ground Project on some level. Every little bit helps. Also grateful for the great deal that you gave us with regards to the extra products, your personal time, labor and love.

Franscesa, Cucanama


Qow! what a cool project, gorgeous land, and a special group of people that helped me feel welcomed and right at home. The house is super comfortable, quiet, and with a lot of privacy. Talking with the hosts I learned so much about soils, permaculture, health, my own body (i did live blood analysis), and plants! I also loved being able to grab fresh herbs and fruits from the land. This place offers a very unique opportunity for healing and learning. Thanks so much Soil Squad, i’ll definitely be coming back to this gem. “

MCHenry, a visitor




“The Living Ground Project is on a mission to reconnect individuals with the foundational elements of life: the soil and the vital world of microbes. Through educational initiatives, workshops, and a commitment to self-sufficiency, we aim to empower people to cultivate their own food, embrace natural remedies, and forge a harmonious relationship with the Earth.”  Leisha