Laboratory microscope assessment of  soil and compost to determine the microbiology of your soil.   Are your plants cycling nutrition?

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Beyond organic.  Microbe composts to create living soil to ensure plant and human health.   These inoculants create living soil.

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Assisting farmers, gardeners and land-lovers consultations to convert to  natural regeneration & preservation.    Full report provided


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Let’s create and regenerate.  Alive soil helps to restore life at so many different levels.  The benefits of a soil microbiome alive with interacting bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, amoebas, earthworms and their important beneficial predators: plants  better absorb and hold water, nutrients, and minerals; soil erosion is prevented; predators go away; plants are healthier; humans are healthier. 


This is alchemy coupling the wisdom of nature and science.    This is the mission…one microbe, one plant, one story and one creation at a time for the benefit of everyone!

The Living Ground – Suelo Vivo project is about connecting living soil microbiology and human health.   

It is a time of change, yes?  Let the “learners” improve and inherit the earth.    The new way is about collaboration. 


Dedicated to, Jimi, and the  Purple Carrot Club