Yin (Female)

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The Alchemy of medicinal plants from our gardens grown in microbe rich soils



The Yin Compound is specially made for women and offers resistence energy that will adapt to the needs of a women.    

All the alchemy products offered at Living Ground are grown in microbe rich soils.   Why is this important?

Microbes help feed the world. In fact, without microbes there would be no plants or animals, as all life on Earth is dependent on microbes to provide many essential services. Increasingly we are understanding there is a dependent, intimate, evolutionarily-ancient relationships with many different kinds of microbes.

For plants, vulnerable as they are to changes in their immediate environment, the services provided by microbes are critical. In their natural, unmanaged environments, all plants are supported by a vast, invisible world of bacteria, protozoa and fungi that live in and around their roots, stems, leaves, seeds, pollen, fruits, and flowers. Additional complex communities of microbes live in and on the insects, birds, invertebrates, and other animals that interact with plants and with each other. These interlocking, interdependent communities have deep evolutionary roots, reaching all the way back to the origin of multicellular organisms and the emergence of land plants and animals. Their diversity and capabilities are nothing short of astounding.


Microbes support plant health by increasing the availability of nutrients, enhancing plant root growth, neutralizing toxic compounds in the soil, making plants more resistant to disease, heat, flooding, and drought, and deterring pathogens and predators. Microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life process.

With this new understanding, we at Living Ground know our products are of high and superior value.   We are mimiking nature so that our plants and produce are healthy, full and hold the special medicines that help the human being.

All products in our Alchemy Category are made lovingly is our Commercial Kitchen and Apothecary POD.


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