Onsite Consultations For Your Land, Farm or Gardens

Our aim is to work together with clients to restore gardens, farms, reforestation plots and all soils!  It might be converting from chemical and organic fertilizer dependency or restoring damaged lands. What we do know is improving the microbiology of the soil improves the health of the plants and therefore the health of humans. The microbiology approach works.     

Consult includes:

  1. Site visit and discussion with owner/caretaker
  2. Multiple soil samples are taken from different areas
  3. Compaction and water infiltration testing
  4. All testing data is investigated and compiled in a comprehensive report that includes “soil”utions, costs and education.  

Cost: Prices range due to distance, size of land, requirements of the land owner.   (generally $200 to $500)

The soil food web is the interconnected matrix of invisible (fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes) and visible (earthworms, beetles, arthropods) creatures that have a whole host of functions which create a healthy ecosystem for plant growth. They aerate the soil, decompose organic matter, make nutrients available, prevent nutrient leaching, break down toxins, protect plants from pathogens, fix nitrogen and so forth.

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