Soil is the source of and sustains all life. We all understand that it provides the vast majority of the food we eat, but few of us fully appreciate the significant role it can play in rebuilding a new world. Our Soils are currently dirt. They are losing microbe life. It is time to change this before it becomes seriously detrimental.


The SOILution For Plant and Human Health

Regeneration of Soils & Microbes

It is vitally important we make a transition to regenerate our soils, reintroducing the microbiology that supports life and health.

We have a solid plan – raise the good guys (the good bacterias and fungi), and the bad guys (pathogens) go away. Our mission is to produce massive amounts of microbe-rich compost, teach and educate, assist, and inspire conversion to regenerative agriculture locally. We want to share the work of the Soil Food Web across Ecuador and with anyone desiring to learn more about the science and the art of microbes.

Problem #1

SOILS all over the world are currently DIRT. They are losing microbe life and the foods we eat have little to no nutrition as a result. Soil, plants, and humans are unhealthy. IT IS TIME TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF OUR SOILS AS OUR SPECIES FACES GRAVE CONSEQUENCES AND PERHAPS FUTURE EXTINCTION IF WE DO NOT CORRECT OUR COURSE.

Problem #2

Our envisioned Project Site is currently being prospected by a gasoline corporation. This is a classic story of the Little Microbe vs Big Chemical Corp. This project site would become the center of operations for Living Ground and our mission.

We need your support!  THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! 


Living Ground ~ Suelo Vivo has already been hard at work creating the solution. The team has been producing massive amounts of microbe-rich compost for some time now, offering microscope soil tests and providing consults to land owners locally. Our mission is to share, teach and educate, assist, convert as well as inspire conversion to regenerative cultivation everywhere and with everyone.

The Living Ground team want to share our service far and wide here in our local & agriculturally based community. We have an opportunity to make a greater impact by acquiring a centrally located property for our headquarters of operations. The site we have scouted already has substantial infrastructure and potential, AND we are facing the threat of buyers wanting to make a gas station out of it. We are launching this fundraising campaign to buy this property for our project, and not see yet another gas station go up here locally that would set an entirely different precedent for our rapidly developing community. Owning this site would set the foundation for the Living Ground PODS to grow immediately and have the space to do this very important work. The PODS are collaborating operations under the umbrella of Living Ground that focus on the microbes, raising the good guys, and spreading the mission:


  1. Microbe Rich Compost Mass Production POD (the heart)

  2. Microscope Laboratory (microscope is the tool to see the microbes) offering soil tests for everyone.

  3. Consultancy POD – To transform neighborhoods locally and in Ecuador into regenerative agriculture.

  4. Education & Workshop (marketing) POD (spread the knowledge) Empower both locals and all food growers.

  5. Microbe Tourism POD Welcome families and individuals to fully experience the growing, eating, and loving microbes.

  6. Apprenticeship programs POD – Provide hands-on experience in growing microbes.

  7. Healing Spa POD focused on the microbes (think human microbiome).

  8. Regenerative Real Estate & Land Protection POD – regenerating properties and working to protect watersheds & sacred lands. Microbes remove toxins and create life on degraded lands.

  9. Market Garden POD – Transform local lands and grow truly nutrient-rich food and medicine for everyone.

  10. Give Back POD – a reproducible model of sustainability to share our knowledge & service far and wide free of charge to those who cannot pay.

  11. Connect growers all across Ecuador to collaborate at the grassroots level creating a Certified Regenerated Land Club for all farmers and gardeners whose land is home to the “little good guys”.

These PODS create abundance for everyone in a collaborative effort. Our business model is built on Sacred Commerce where Nature is the primary beneficiary and generosity is practiced. The profits are given back to employees and the community. The business plan mimics the flow of the soil food web to ensure everyone involved has an opportunity to thrive, succeed and feel empowered. We are raising microbes, human leaders & health!

We are also looking for POD leaders who will essentially be mini self-run businesses under the umbrella of Living Ground. POD Leaders can invest in this project and themselves! This project is empowering team members both in our internal operations and we are also empowering off-site growers whose lands produce microbe-rich produce, products, and services that Living Ground offers a market for.

We invite everyone to join us to raise this mission, spread it far and wide, and be a part of the solution (soilution). We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and care. You are not just helping us…you are helping the microbes, the soils, plants, and humankind enter a new way of living and life! Let’s come together to heal the soil that sustains us!

Our Needs

The Project Site: One hectare with a large 1000m2 structure. The infrastructure on this property was built to house workers when they were building the National North/South Highway. It has amazing potential & offers the space for the success of all PODS. The property costs $110,000.

To purchase and renovate we require $345,000. $235,000 is for the total renovation and infrastructure operations cost

We are happy and willing to share the Budget Costs and Business Model with anyone interested. We are visible and willing to collaborate just like the microbes. We are open to investor discussions!

Everyone who contributes $500 or more will receive a special invitation to a Thank YOU Gala Event & Dinner to be held in Vilcabamba on January 26th. This date marks the second anniversary when this project was set into action!

Here is a photo of the site we are generating funds to purchase:

This site creates abundance for everyone!

Our Plan

Step 1

Create Amazing microbe rich Compost and spread it everywhere
(we are doing it)

Step 3

Acquire the Project Site and launch into a Microbe Tourism, educational & Health Clinic Site



Step 2

Offer Soil Testing and recommendations, land consults, education 
(we are doing it)

Step 4

Share the microbe grown plants (restaurant, market store, cooperative basket program

Gift of $500

The Friend Donation

Good Guys

  • Your Gift         
    One Microbe Microscope      
    Soil Lab Test      

 Gift of $1000

The Team Donation

Soil Givers 

  • Your Gift       
  • Microscope Soil Test & $500 Microbe Extract.

Gift of $5000

The Dreamer Donation


  • Your Gift    
  • Land Consultation and $1000 Credit towards regeneration of land



“The people who have created this system, and who perpetuate this system, are out of balance. They have made us out of balance. They have come into our minds and they have come into our hearts and they’ve programmed us. Because we live in this society, and it has put us out of balance. And because we are out of balance we no longer have the power to deal with them.  We are a natural part of the creation, we were put here on the sacred mother Earth to serve a purpose. And somewhere in the history of people, we’re forgetting what the purpose is. The purpose is to honor the Earth, to protect the Earth, to live in balance with the Earth. And we will never free ourselves until we address the issue of how we live in balance with the Earth. Because I don’t care who it is, any child who turns on their mother is living in terrible, terrible confusion. The Earth is our mother, we must take care of the Earth.“   John Trudell

flyerlivingground PDF  (please download and share)