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All items are made with respect and care and slowly rendered, dried (most in the sun), blended and alchemized using old “ways” and techniques. No preservatives are added. Some products take months and years to age. All vinegars are made the ancient way creating fermented wines first and allowing the natural processes and vinegar “mothers” to transform and ferment. The honey is harvested from our own hives and is untouched with any watering down. All blends are “limited” editions due to the nature of the creation process and the influences of the environment. As we transform our soils into abundant microbe completeness, we know the nutrients and goodness as available to the plants, herbs and honeys. There is a difference is quality and taste. Please click on any image below to see more information. Orders are simple (just contact me) or visit our Apothecary here in Masanamaca.       

Herbal Teas

All our blends of herbal teas are harvested at the most appropriate time from the land. Each herb is treated with utmost care and respect. I harvest to ensure more growth of the plant, having a general rule that whatever I take, I give back ten-fold, meaning I replant and propagate. Most of the herbal tea blends are the same formula as the Infused Honey (below) and can be alchemized together as a wonder healing tea.   

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