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POD Information….

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Description Training, Needs, Preparation Enumeration & Profit Sharing Financial Need  
Build Microbe Compost, Teas & Extracts.
Two Team Leaders (Gringo/Local)
Learn how to create the compost and record the data.Careful examination of temperatures, moisture, turning times and storage maturation. Order materials, prepare material. Operations of the tractor and Mighty Mike.Preparation of the sellable product (bags, weight).Training is 4 days to learn the science with ongoing learning/experiential. Learn how to make protozoan and nematode extractions. Learn the science of Teas and Extract making ensuring no aneorobics.ALL COMPOST products will be sold with a soil test certificate. Compost makers are responsible for understanding how to store and manage the microbe Can be either hourly or based on sale of completed Compost. Second would eventually be greater. 6 window set up $900 x 6
Bags/Containers $500
Labels $300
Inital Wages to prepare $800
Tarps and Storage $500
Laboratory Soil Testing of the Microbes
Two Team Leaders (Gringo/Local)
2-3 day intensive workshopLearn the data workshops for recording microbe countsLearn how to identify microbes (aerobics and anaerobics). There is a potential to offer soil testing for all of Ecuador. Onsite compost, teas, extracts will always be tested before it goes for sale. The consulting team will also require testing for any “job” Paid by tests (in house and external will be assigned a different value) Cost of Microscopes, computers, screen, Printer $10, 000
Construction of Labratory Space $5000
Off Site Consultancy to regenerate lands, farms and gardens. Two Team Leaders (Gringo/Local) and a team of compost workers. Must be fully trained in understanding the soil tests, compost and applications to regenerate land (including removal of toxins, chemicals and toxins) This may include large or small areas of land local and all over Ecuador.Intake is a science of doing very specific soil tests, understanding the history of the land and the needs of the client. There is a lot of information to gather before a “rejuvenation” plan can be presented. This team will gather and report all information and use these results as a platform to create proposals (including plan, costs and suggestions). This team will also be responsible to engage the plan and be testing the land to follow the results. Consultancy Team will also be in off-site team making microbe applications at specific times and testing results. This may also include training large farms and commercial operations in compost making. Work with partner growers who are providing for the Essential Oils or Market Produce. Website is alredy in place to offer this service. Two Options:
Could be hourly wage
Commission on Consultancy Job
Jobs will include inhouse commission or external client
Train Costs $1500
Operations Material $500
One Team Leader with team
Creation of pure essential oils and operations of the stills. Bottlings and labeling
Creation of Essential Oils from the growers and wild plants. These will be packaged for offering local and possibly export. Hydrosols are also a product that can be used.
This team ensures the plants are growing well, understands ethical harvesting and preparation of the plant material. Is able to record processes for study and future examination.
Website page creation for sale of product.
Two options:
Hourly wage
Commision on sales of essential oils (local and export)
Equpment $10,000
Bottle Supplies $1000
Plants to start up (harvest or purchase) $2000
On-site part time. Potting of plants and seeds for sale On site will be selling medical and special seeds and herbs to the public. Each plant will have a “spec sheet”. We will grow on site and will need a greenhouse manager to ensure healthy plants. Hourly wage planting pots, materials, $800
Green house $3000
Garden Bed Creations $2000
Two Team Members (Gringo and Local)
Operations of the Microbe Market that will showcase Microbe products and produce.
Tea/Tapa Bar and making of food and offerings.
In charge of working with growers who are selling at location (inventory). Operations of the daily operations of the store Presentation of products Learn how to create tonics, elixirs and vinegarsPackage and label products.Work with suppliers.Ensure all products and produce are from Microbe Gardens/lands. Products will be sold at store and on the website Hourly wage
Team Leaders could also receive commissions on sales
Creation of Market/Store with Kitchen $10,000
Shelving, bathroom, Tea Garden Covered Area $2000
Microbe Creatives
Product makers but the base must be all products are connected to the microbes
Cosmetics, Medicines, art (ie, T-shirts, Ball caps, artwork, etc). This team will work on a commission basis. All products made must have a connection to the soil food web (either grown in microbe soils or presented on the theme of microbes Inventory payment Label and Assistance to set up $1000 $1,000
Produce to sell in the Tienda/Market or used for Essential Oil making All sites will be regularly tested to ensure the soils are microbe rich. These farmers or growers will have special discounts on testing the soils, compost, teas and extracts and advice for combatting pathogens in the growing season. Inventory payment Assistance to set up $2500 $2,500
      TOTAL $58,800.00