We are microbe growers! That is the primary foundation of everything we do and everything we offer. Applying Living Ground compost is a simple yet effective way to supply numerous beneficial soil micro-organisms to your plants. Not only do these little guys help your soil attain proper texture, water retention and structure, they are nutrition harvesters for the plants’ health and human health. 

Each gram of soil (about the weight of a paperclip) contains anywhere from 100,000 to 1 million living microbes. That is a lot of microbes. We love the good guy microbes! Our compost grows and creates healthy, happy microbes. Not only are there a lot of them, but there are also many different kinds. All of our compost is rigorously checked to ensure the healthy balance of aerobic good guy microbes. Each purchase comes with our microscope analysis certificate.    

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Microbial compost: Thousands of beneficial microbes all working together for the benefit of your plants.


The Soil Food Web refers to a series of conversions of energy as organisms live and consume one another within the underground soil environment. These organisms decompose complex materials that make (convert) the nutrients available to plants and other soil organisms. All these organisms play key roles in the soil food web and are the driving force of all life on earth, particularly plants.

High amounts of synthetic fertilizers, poisons, tilling and erosion, or simply poor management can be detrimental to living organisms in your soil. Reintroducing living microbes found in compost can help rebuild your soil’s “food web.”  We create our compost according to the guidelines of Dr. Elaine Ingham’s soil food web teachings. We regularly and vigorously test our compost with the microscope ensuring the “good guys” are present and ready to create nutritious and healthy plants.

Our Living Ground Microbe Compost has many benefits for plants and purposes in the soil food web:

  • Help plants grow and uptake their nutritional needs (creating nutritionally FULL plants)
  • Increase water retention by forming aggregates in the soil (therefore requiring less irrigation in dry season)
  • Fix heavy metals, preventing their intake by plants. The humus can extract toxins and harmful organisms from the soil.
  • Eliminate pests and disease (the anaerobics). They don’t like our compost!
  • Stimulate microorganism growth and consequently plant growth by providing new organisms and a food source. Beneficial microbes are required in all soil-based gardens to maintain balance and productivity in the soil food web. Living Ground makes it easy for all gardeners to have a premium compost. Our compost contains high concentrations of beneficial organisms that provide the best growing medium for your plants.


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