Organic Matter


Creates an amazing addition to any garden and invigorates the soil food web improving soil structure, water retention and provides a delicious environment for the “good guy”microbes to thrive. We are no longer at war with the pathogens, just raise the good guys


Organic Matter (OM) is not compost, but it is food for the microbes.  OM is a major contributor to soil health. Most garden and landscape plants benefit from increases in soil OM. It protects our soils from the hot sun and hard rains.    This is an important addition to all grounds here in Ecuador.  Soil amendments are materials applied to or mixed into the topsoil to change or change soil properties and improve plant growth. 

One Large Bag $10
Taxi Load $100 (approximately 12 bags)

We create windrow piles with multiple ingredients that have rested.   This can also be used as a mulch which is important here due to our hot sun and fierce rains.

DIRECTIONS: Amend soils. Best applied to Organic Matter (the microbe food) to encourage the soil food web nutrient cycling. Our recipes are unique, carefully monitored and prepared.

After application of OM, compost, tea or extract can be applied.

* one m3 (1 yard – a taxi load) covers approx 10 m3 30×30 ft 3-4 inches thick
* one 80-100 lb bag covers approximate 1 m3 or (3 x 3 ft)

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Big Bag, Taxi Load

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