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Microbiological Extract & Teas



Just like the nature intended.

Extracts and Teas are made fresh with each new order.   We do NOT package as without the use of preservatives, this product will go anaerobic.

Extract 1 gallon $10    20 gallons $100

Teas 1 gallon $20    20 gallons $150

Our Extracts and Teas are made from our own microbiological compost with natural humic and fulvic compounds.  They contain a full complex of micro-organisms that are easily available to the plants.    Microscope Soil Tests are completed before product is delivered to client.   Teas are specially formulated and aerated from 36-48 hours.

Extracts are generally used for soil drench applications to increase the microbiology.

Teas are generally used for foliar applications to help plants.

Generally accepted application rates are 20 gallons per acre for soil drench or foliar applications. For small scale applications, you can apply a gallon at the base of a plant and then come back over the top with my regular watering.

Application frequency will vary based on your soil health, microclimate, watering habits, and goals.  Consider a soil test to determine what is required.

For first time users in a garden, outdoor landscape, or farm, 3 applications throughout the growing season is recommended.  You’ll need to determine what works best for your garden based on plant response, labor, and cost.  Consider a consult

All our products are safe, effective and organic. Unlike chemical fertilizers, they have no negative impact on the environment and its inhabitants. In fact they build the natural communities.   They can be applied by watering or spraying and be quickly absorbed as a potent source of feed.

This product is specially formulated to stimulate high-quality plant growth in all conditions – whether it is indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. Unlike other organic fertilizers, our products have no bad smell, and are easy to apply.   It is great for a soil drench when organic matter is present.  When applied to soil, they will rebuild the soil structure, and keep the nutrients until they are ready to be absorbed by plants.

Benefits of Aerated Compost Tea

Increases Nutrient Cycling – This is the most important benefit of making ACT. Nutrient cycling is what helps make the nutrients and minerals in the soil into a form that is available for plants to uptake. When you apply organic fertilizer, you’re not directly feeding the plant but rather the microorganisms in the soil that will then work to convert the nutrients into a plant-available (ionic) form.

Creates Soil Structure – Fungal hyphae helps in creating soil aggregates, and bacteria and archaea assist in breaking down organic matter and aerating the soil. Increasing biomass in your soil will also help with water holding capacity.

Plant Protection from Pathogens – While not a silver bullet in preventing all pests and diseases, by having more beneficial microorganisms on the leaf surface and around the roots, the goal is the beneficial microbes in ACT out-compete pathogens for that space on the plant so they can’t get a foothold. This point is a bit controversial within the academic world so I don’t typically stress it when talking about the benefits of ACT. I have had many anecdotal reports of disease suppression using ACT but it’s not something I would rely on as a 100% solution.

Beneficial Microorganisms – In an ACT, you’ll typically get good populations of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria, and a whole collection of other beneficial microorganisms, many of which have yet to be identified and fully understood in their role in soil health.

You can use less compost. If you have a large area to cover or a limited amount of good compost, this allows you to cover a larger surface area in less time and with less labor.

It’s portable. Applying ACT is much easier than applying compost and will give you higher levels of active microorganisms than you would see in compost alone. It can be applied through the use of a sprayer.


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