Leisha’ s first passion is nature in creation. She is the founder of Living Ground, a herbalist, Naturopath and Homeopath, and gardener. She sees a new way of being as the answer to many of the problems today. Like the Rhizosphere, she connects the microbes’ health to human health. She is a Certified Lab Technician with the Soil Food Web School and has finished her Consultancy Education. With her ability to co-create with Nature, she loves seeing good things rise. The microscope is her tool to connect the micro and macro worlds just like the Rhizosphere.  Rhizosphere is the living terrain theory that helps to eliminate the germ theory that is always at war. No more!  




Nic comes from Quebec, Canada. He has studied conventional agriculture, being formally trained as a farm manager. He realized that the conventional agricultural system didn’t make much sense. Looking for alternatives, he stumbled on the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Food Web and he is completing his training in soil microbiology to become a Soil Food Web consultant. His skill set is quite diverse, just like the mycorrhizal or should we say “Nicorrhizal.” He specialises in improving process efficiency and finding creative soilutions to problems. He loves compost. As the mycorrhizal fungi do, he uses a wide skill set to get the microbe allies what they need so we can all thrive.


Polypore Fungi

Tamar is like a medicinal polypore fungus. Her intention and desire is to continuously and symbiotically help others heal through sharing in the gifts of nature. With a deep passion for the healing arts, she brings artistry, creative problem solving, and intention to Living Ground, Suelo Vivo. She is a student and seedkeeper of medicinal plants — may their subtle whispers be carried in the wind. Tamar has a creative eye looking at and recording the creation of Living Ground, from the group up.



Ian is the Collembola, a type of micro arthropod. He is an adventurer and organizer. He can adapt in any environment from the top of Mount Everest to the back alley. Low-key, humble and community-minded, he plays a  support role in Living Ground: behind the camera, shoveling compost, working on the market garden. He humbly helps. Ian is a city kid, so every day he learns on the journey of the continuous regenerative process, doing his part in helping heal the Earth and all of its beings.



Jimini is like omnivorous nematodes as he is adaptable and versatile. Omnis munch on many different soil organisms and are great at eliminating the bad guys, the pathogens and parasites. The presence of omnivorous nematodes indicates the soil food web is diverse and stable, whereas their absence is a warning sign the soil biology has been disrupted or depleted in nutrients. Jimini brings us his ability to organize, to make and spread music, and his desire to make this a better world.



Like the Flagellates, Vinicio is a smiling asset to the Soil Squad Compost team.  With some microbiology training, he brings awareness and passion to the microbes. He is a father to a 3-year-old and has a desire to provide goodness to his son. He loves football, sport, hiking and animals. He knows the work with the microbes is revolutionary and super productive for healthy plants.



Angel is a local to Masanamaca whose family have lived here for generations.  He has been learning the science of Microbe Compost and is geared to be a leader and teacher of this work. His dream is to own his own fertile and organic land to grow food with lots of fruit trees. He understands the microbes are the the root of all good farming.  Suelo Vivo is a step to realise his dreams.



Richard and his Family (Joanna and Yandri) are locals to the area who were born and raised in the Masanamaca region. Richard’s passion is the land, the plants and the medicines. Like the Flagelette, he has an innate understanding and intuition about how nature cooperates. He understands that if we do not offer alternatives, Nature will stop giving us the gift of life. 



Testate Ameoba

Darwin comes from the City of Loja and came to Masanamaca to raise a family.  He has a strong and thick shell, but is soft on the inside. He is very strong and supportive to compost creation at Living Ground. He loves sports, appreciates nature, hiking, travelling and discovering new places, just like the Flagellates buzzing around the soil. He believes in the project for the future of the community and its beautiful people. 


Microbes are very small forms of life, oftentimes single-celled organisms so tiny that you need a microscope to see them. Microbes include several different species like bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa that exist in the soil, most abundantly found in the topsoil where food sources are plentiful. One teaspoon of healthy soil can contain more microbes than there are people on Earth!

Soil Tests 

Microbiology soil testing done with a microscope.   Every test is explained to you in simple terms. A suggested way forward is offered so that your gardens and land can flourish with the “good guy” microbes.   


Quality tested and certified with minimum microbe requirements for all plant life. Our piles are a science in the art of Nature. Guaranteed no pathogens or bad guys.

Soil  Stories

Little stories about soil health and reclaiming soil health. Everyone is learning this new science.  Here, I share to educate and help. Here, I desire you to understand and take this knowledge and change our world.