We as a team are committed to growing more substantially creating a rich breadbasket of biologically organic food.  Nature has give us everything here to thrive through these times.   We are blessed to live in a paradise with a year round growing season and ample clean water. Given the grave situation of all soil, locally and  globally, we need to prepare, unite and work together through our local leaders & the youth creating more food security for our community. Our health and the foods that the future generations depends upon this. Regenerative agriculture is our focus. We as a team are grateful to be here in an already agrarian based society. The people of Ecuador are connected to the land and can help feed more of the world through the evolution & support of this important soil work. We are in this together!

The Soil Squad

Leisha Naja

The Microbe Hunter and Gatherer
The Microscope Geek



Tara Walker

The Land Protector and Vision Specialist


Richard & Family
Compost Creator and Technician


Leisha’ first passion is self sufficiency and playing in the garden.   A herbalist, Naturopath and Homeopath, she brings life to the Microbes by being the scientist of the crew.   She is a certified Lab Technician with the Soil Food Web School and is continuing the Consultancy Studies.   

“As I delved into soil web study I realized everything is connected.    It’s humbling when you get that well intentioned organic methods of gardening and growing, were also contributing to the destruction of the soil.     With my microscope and my desire to heal, I see the micro world as the pillars to the macro world. When I say it is all connected, it really is all connected.   The terrain science needs to cleanse the germ theories     Understanding this is an awakening in understanding the mystical and magical science of life.    We are not at war with pathogens.    We seek balance and harmony. ”  


Tara’s motivation is to protect the water sheds, sacred lands and help people preserve what is good.     Tara is a local real estate agent who focusses on helping others with the mission to regenerate the lands.   She has lived and studied in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Ecuador, and has traveled almost all of Central and South America since 2005. Tara has been living in Vilcabamba and Quinara, (Southern) Ecuador for the past 10 years.   She obtained her real estate license in November 2017 in Loja, Ecuador and before working as a relocation guide She has taught basic Spanish, has worked as a translator and personal assistant, has been an administrator of properties, has overseen local construction projects and managed the opening and maintenance of trail networks. She has participated and is involved in numerous environmental and community projects, has been a homeschool teacher and is now co-owner of the alternative school in Vilcabamba called La Calandria, where her 6-year-old daughter attends




Richard and his Family (Joanna and Yandri) are locals to the area who were born and bred in the Masanamaca region.    Richard’s passion is the land, the plants and the medicines and foods that come from the soils.   Unlike most young people born in the small villages of Ecuador, he did not leave for the big city for a better life.   He knew his life was amazing and gifts his son, Yandri with the same nature he was afforded.    His presence is a light-beam in understanding, intuitively, how nature cooperates.   Richard has seen many changes in the last decade including the use of chemicals on his native land.    He understands that if we do not offer alternatives, Nature will stop giving us the gift of life.    

There are many locals (both gringo and local) who are supporting our squad and participating in encouraging ways.  Our squad is a neighborhood of soil food webbers intending and striving to transform our little community one microbe at a time.   

Soil Tests

Microbiology microscope soil testing   Every test is explained to you in simple terms.   A suggested way forward is offered so that you gardens and land can flourish with the “good guy” microbes.   


None sifted compost  full of good guy microbes that encourage nutrient cycling, eliminate bad guys, help retain water and work with the plants for symbiotic health. Carefully monitored and prepared to meet minimum requirements. 

Soil  Stories

Little stories and articles about soil health and reclaiming soil health.  Everyone is learning this new science together and aiming to regenerate and rejuvenate the dirt and reclaim our land.


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