Observing soil in the microscope can provide great insight into the current ecological status, changes over time or with treatments, and the effectiveness of soil management strategies. Our laboratory microbiology test and report is a favourable start to bringing life back into your soil, your plants and, ultimately, you!

Please complete one form for every sample. Taking a sample is easy. Once the sample and your submission form is received, we will email you the report within 24 hours (on business days). 

Biodiversity is a key aspect of soil health with profound impacts on agricultural success and sustainability. Each organism has specific functions that affect the rest of the soil ecosystem, including plants.

Our aim is to improve the biodiversity of your soil ecosystem. In doing so, there are many benefits and cost savings for you:

        • Improved water retention and drainage
        • Healthy structure and resistance to erosion
        • Richer, more diverse nutrient cycling and retention
        • Improved plant health
        • Increased carbon storage
        • Resilience against pest and disease outbreaks

The goal of our lab analysis is to develop a profile of your soil’s ecological status, which considers diversity, the physical characteristics of the soil habitat, and, where possible, takes into account outside factors such as agricultural activities that can affect, and be affected by, the soil ecosystem.


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The soil ecosystem is a highly complex web, and each organism has a unique role to play. Science has barely begun to untangle the connections and functions of the extremely diverse array of life in soil, which is why it is so important to protect biodiversity in the ecosystem as a whole, and ensure that as many different organisms as possible are able to thrive and ultimately support the growth of healthy plants. Microscope analysis offers you a unique window into the life of your soil, giving you the chance to directly check in on your own soil ecosystem.



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