Some articles are members only as they are shared for our online regenerative community of supporters and those who are actively regenerating their land and space. To support our Project, GO HERE    Articles and topics are about the soil, the soil food web, how to convert and regenerate, our stories and experiencing introducing the soil food web to our community and Ecuador and stories from my the Soil Squad.  It is a little bit of science, a dash of art and some personal musings in between.


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The Life Beneath Our Feet

"A rainbow of soil is under our feet; red as a barn and black as a peat. It’s yellow as lemon and white as the snow; bluish gray. So many colors below. Hidden in darkness as thick as the night; The only rainbow that can form without light. Dig you...
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Living Ground Suelo Vivo microbes mushrooms Stories (blog)

We Can Not Take Over Nature

It all depends how you look at it. "taking over everything" only logically is true when you look ay the fact that industrial chemical ag is what actually has already "taken over everything" and the unwanted side effects are what human hubris is guilty of picking on. Nature has its...
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Living Ground Suelo Vivo Stories From Our Land

Posca – The Commoners Drink of Medicine

The plebeians and the army drank the posca, a drink despised by the upper class. The posca was made from acetum which was a low quality wine that almost tasted like vinegar. Sometimes wine that got spoiled (because it was not properly stored) would also be used to make this...
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