There is a router on site sitting outside the house..  It is fiber optics high speed.   The password in posted in the house and is listed under the router as well.   Feel free to turn this off at night if you desire.


The water is from our own water system and is from the Podocarpus mountains.   For foreigners, we suggest using the Berky Water Filter as your biome is not used to the water born microbes.    


Kitchen is fully stocked for 4 people.  There is a fridge/freezer and an oven.   Hot water is provided by a Califone.   If you run out of propane, please let us know.  We can replace immediately


Google Maps

Our location is 15 minutes south of Vilcabamba.   A taxi from Vilcabamba is $6. 


The nearest ariport is Catamayo, Loja.    This is a $30 -$40 taxi ride and approximately 1 hour drive.   Catamayo airport is connected to Quito and there are generally 2 flights every day.   For international guests, we are most happy to help arrange the taxi


Driving Directions:     Go south from Vilcabamba towards Quinara.   You will be going over the mountain.   Drive past the Quinara turn-off.   On the left is the Living Ground Project Site.      Go through the town Masanamaca and over the river/bridge.    Make your first immediate left.   There are signs for the Trout Resaurant.     Go up this dirt road 500 m.   At the top of the incline, our driveway in on the right.   It is a chain-link fence.    Please come in and drive into the propery.   Our dogs will let us know you have arrived.    

The drive is cicular.   The guest house is on the other side of the driveway.   It is green and has its’ own driveway.   


Please close the gates once you drive through.   Thank you!


We do not have phone towers at our location.  Therefore, google maps is not available once you go over the mountain.    Please use these directions.


There are many animals who live with us

Two Dogs:   Clara and Rambo.   Clara is an older dog who loves attention.  If you pet her she will stay for more and more.   Rambo is young.  He loves to play.  Both are sweet.

Three Cats:   Chicory, Max and Bobina.   Chicory and Max are private cats and you probably won’t meet them.  Bobina is our healing cat and likes to welcome all guests.  If you let her, she will cuddle with you at night.   If you do not wish to cuddle, please close the door at night.   

Ducks:    Our main couple is Pink and Floyd.   They like to hang out at the main house.   


There are special instructions to unsure hot water.    This is an outdoor tub.  We do clean it the day before you arrive.  However, debris will blow in.   Also, there are protective covers on the jets to prevent ants making their home.  Please remove before use.   


You are welcome to use the herbs from the Guest House gardens.   Also, please feel free to walk the property.   We have a lot of oranges, lemons and mangerines.   Enjoy!    

Servies and product Offerings

Below is an outline of the servives and offerings we share.   The Living Ground Soil Squad is most happy to share about our project and take you on a tour of the Project Site.   If you are interested in any of the products or services, please let us know.

We offer Live Blood Analysis, Dried Blood, Iridology, Ozone Treatments, Lymphatic and Spinal Care therapy and Bowen

We also have an amazing musician on site who offers lessons.  He often can be heard playing music which is very soothing for the land and soul.      We also have a basket program so you can visit the Market Garden (5 mins) and harvest your own microbe grown products.