Boosting Curcumin Absorption: Piperine, Emulsifiers, and Gut-Friendly Options

  We have all heard of taking turmeric (curcumin) with black pepper (piperine) to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of curcumin. Piperine, the bioactive compound found in black pepper, has been shown to significantly increase the absorption of curcumin by inhibiting metabolic enzymes that break it down and increasing intestinal permeability. Curcumin is a highly […]

Human Self-Reliance: Living Ground’s (Leisha’s) Call for Support

Living Ground’s journey is at a crucial juncture, and I’m reaching out for your support. Currently, I’m personally covering the weekly wages of our dedicated local staff, amounting to $615 per week. The responsibility is immense, and I’m working tirelessly to keep this lifeline intact.   Currently, I am employing 4 local men (from Masanamaca) full […]

GcMAF Probiotic Berry Yogurt: A Unique and Powerful Probiotic Supplement

  At Living Ground we are always researching and creating products to help the micriobiome (that includes for the soil and the human). Introducing a new product that combines the power of bovine colostrum, yogurt, probiotic supplements, and vitamin C to boost your immune system and promote overall health. GcMAF is a protein that is […]

Microbe Compost and Regular Organic Compost: A Comparison

  Most realize that Compost is a mixture of organic materials that have been decomposed by microorganisms. It is a valuable soil amendment that can improve the fertility, structure, and water retention of soil.  Most do not realize the difference between organic compost, obone (manure) and Microbe Compost.  Here we explain the difference and why […]

Gluten Sensitivity & Glyphosate Toxicity & Microbes

  Let’s discuss the similarities between gluten sensitivity and glyphosate toxicity. I believe that many  who think they are gluten sensitive may actually be glyphosate toxic.    Glyphosate was discovered in 1950 by a Swiss chemist named Henry Martin. It was originally developed as a chelating agent, but later found to be an effective herbicide. […]

Leisha’s Writing with Mama Sea

Recently, I embarked on a journey to the Ecuadorian seaside.  The purpose was to write.  Living Ground is creating our education platform to share our knowledge and self-reliance, health and microbes.  We are creating courses on Microbe Compost, Growing Food and Medicine, Layperson’s Guide to Live Blood Analysis, Alternative Protocols, Kitchen Alchemy, and a comprehensive […]

Living Ground Saturday Market: Nourishing Body and Soul with Microbe-Rich Offering

Gourmet Microbe Grown Products   Join us every Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM at Sonia’s Coconut Cafe as we proudly present the Living Ground Project and our range of innovative projects that celebrate the power of microbe-rich soils and the art of alchemizing garden-fresh produce into delectable gourmet delights.   Did you know […]

Microbe and Soil Facts

  Soil and Soil Microbes…the did you know….. 1. Power in Numbers: Did you know that in just one gram of healthy soil, you can find more microbes than there are people on Earth? That’s over 7 billion microorganisms living in a space smaller than a sugar cube! 2. Biodiversity Hotspot: Soil microbes are incredibly […]

Protected: Microbiome Mender Ebook

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Protected: Green Pepper Pow(d)er

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Coop POD (weekly basket) coming soon!

Market Garden POD is rising.   This is a weekly cooperative basket program that will provide produce and products from Microbe Rich soils.  We suspect this POD will be offered to the public the first of the new year.     Our baskets will be freshly harvested produce from our certified Microbe Rich gardens.      The […]

Gut and Soil Microbes – The Connection!

We’re in trouble. Our over-reliance on fossil fuels and our taste for foods with a high carbon footprint is causing disruptive climate change. Our throwaway society has flooded the land and seas with plastic pollution. And we face a growing public health crisis triggered by the rise of disease-causing microbes that we cannot kill with antibiotics. Now for the […]