We’re  in trouble!   Our soils are dirt.  Soil is the most valuable and least valued resource. There is drought, flooding and leaching of our soils.    People are diseased.   Our food is deplete of nutrition (even organic)  and we face a growing public health crisis triggered by the decline of  beneficial  microbes and the rise of pathogens.   Mother Nature does not need us…but we need her healthy and strong.

We are have raised 28% of the goal to acquire the Project site.  

Now for the good news. Living Ground is in the business of mimicking Nature and farming  beneficial microbes.  We have created a change the world project that addresses and initiates solutions for many problems.    Our  primary intention is to heal the soil by farming and spreading the beneficial microbes but Living Ground is so much more. We’ve created a whole system where microbes, people and plants can  enjoy success and health!   Microbe tourism, education center, gardens, restaurant, cooperative, gourmet store, essential oils, apprenticeships, health clinic, regenerating sugar cane and corn fields, office to preserve land and water……and more!!!!! We’ve created a whole system where microbes, people and plants can enjoy meaningful employment, success and health.  The Soil Squad Ecuador found the perfect site for our microbe mission to house the Microbe Education Center.  BUT, we discovered a gas station was interested in this same property. So, we made a deal to purchase without the funds needed.


We have 2 months (march 15 deadline)  Imagine a project that circulates around the beneficial microbes to ensure success, health, healing and touches life with hope!


It is important everyone understands that soils (sand, silt and clay) hold massive amounts of nutrients in every soil every where…..but these nutrients are not in available form for the plants without the beneficial microbes. Humans have destroyed this microbial web. We have a chance to reverse this in a way to rises microbes, humans and health. Our mission is to empower the web of life.  It is time to gather everyone who gets the importance of this work, Please join us in a brainstorm “session” for the “what next” success.   When the little guys come together, everyone wins.


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Topic: Living Ground Project – Acquiring the Project Site
Time: Jan 21, 2023 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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