Sacred Commerce


The goal and intention is to create an eco-system that will sustain us living on the land in the following ways to make the community a whole living system. We improve the soil that becomes the foundation for education, nutritious food, increased health and success for everyone from the ground up!


  1. We aim to create a business that is about people, not profits. We look holistically at the issues of sustainability to create a sustainable culture that takes into account all impacts of its actions and acts to preserve and love Mother Earth now and for the future.


  1. We strive to rely only upon renewable resources and to use them at a rate less than their replacement. Our compost ingredients are free of any chemical input and carefully chosen to increase the good guy microbes.


  1. We discern how to minimize any negative impact on the land.


  1. We attempt to preserve and rebuild healthy ecosystems and have a positive impact on biodiversity and true human health. Our work is about transformation and we empower each other toward success at all levels of operations.


  1. We attempt to minimize all waste products, especially those toxic or radioactive. All non-compostable garbage is carried out of the land.



To create a Sacred Commerce business that values life over profit and creates a sustainable foundation (microbes) that positively effect the Macro-world.


Biocomplete compost is taught by Dr Elaine Ingham at the Soil Food Web School.


To establish a community project creating microbe-rich soils to transform our soil, our health and cycle the benefits back into the community.

the plan