It all depends how you look at it. “taking over everything” only logically is true when you look ay the fact that industrial chemical ag is what actually has already “taken over everything” and the unwanted side effects are what human hubris is guilty of picking on. Nature has its systems for cleaning up after itself. According to nature these trees are not worthy of survival. It is cold and it is a hard fact about nature which is unforgiving. Humans are the only species that work to ensure the weak survive. Humanity is based on compassion which strives to give everyone a quality of life no matter what. It is a truly beautiful thing about human nature to do that. But it also means we don’t understand that nature is brutal and about strength and numbers only. We just don’t get it.

Allowing it to do its job means not interfering with practices such as tilling, and certainly not the poisonous practices of injecting fracking 600+ chemicals into the soil by the energy industry, polluting water wells, polluting agricultural land, having cows die, using the big ag chemicals etc.

If all the people, who fight for world hunger, poverty, climate change, could understand what Dr Elaine pioneered in her research, and is called “soil”, this world would place Dr Elaine on all billboards along the freeways and other places, and sing her praises.  Once you fix the soil, you fix food problem, you fix nutrition problems which would eliminate many health problems, you fix air problem, you fix air pollution problems, you fix increasing trends in lung health problems, you name it.  The solution for all this is in one word “soil”. In some ways it is ignorance in other ways it’s arrogance that people are “above” the soil, and feel entitled to destroy it.  In fact, at the end of the day, these tiny creatures rule us.  Talk later.

We especially don’t get it when our livelihood is failing because we aren’t managing the earth with respect, only with a desire for money. It is a hard lesson we are learning. Avocado crops failing, coffee plantations failing, bananas gone sterile. Wine grape crops no longer viable in many parts ot the old country.

This is penance for mankind’s action. I sound heartless by saying it but i believe this to be true. I also believe that if we were to respect mother nature she would also turn around our plight faster than we created it. It just requires a leap of faith and a devotion to be a part of the earth instead of to be on top of it all the time.