Boosting Curcumin Absorption: Piperine, Emulsifiers, and Gut-Friendly Options

  We have all heard of taking turmeric (curcumin) with black pepper (piperine) to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of curcumin. Piperine, the bioactive compound found in black pepper, has been shown to significantly increase the absorption of curcumin by inhibiting metabolic enzymes that break it down and increasing intestinal permeability. Curcumin is a highly […]

Health At Home Ebook

Rediscover the Wisdom of Our Ancestors – Get Your Free E-Book   Rediscover holistic self-care with your free “Health at Home” ebook – subscribe today! In a world of mass-produced products and quick pharmaceutical fixes, we’ve strayed far from the natural remedies and holistic practices that sustained our ancestors for generations. But that ancient knowledge […]

Secret Garden’s Book Nearing Completion

‘ I’m thrilled to share exciting developments at the Living Ground Project Site – the creation of a secret garden soon to be home to 54 versatile plants, thriving globally. As part of my recent mission, I’m diligently digitizing teachings on self-reliance, covering topics like Microbe Compost creation, sustainable gardening, and adding nutritional value to […]

Human Self-Reliance: Living Ground’s (Leisha’s) Call for Support

Living Ground’s journey is at a crucial juncture, and I’m reaching out for your support. Currently, I’m personally covering the weekly wages of our dedicated local staff, amounting to $615 per week. The responsibility is immense, and I’m working tirelessly to keep this lifeline intact.   Currently, I am employing 4 local men (from Masanamaca) full […]

Permaculture Job In Paute

Working very hard Congratulations to the Living Ground Team for completing a successful two-week permaculture project in Tomebamba near Paute, Cuenca! The team built a chicken coop and house, a worm compost bin, a beautiful entrance archway, and an outdoor gazebo strategically placed for enjoying the stunning gardens. Microbe spraying was a must, and over […]

The Soil Sponge: A Cradle of Life

  In the face of an escalating climate crisis that is daily headline news,  it is obvious humanity stands at a crossroads looking at the destruction we have caused.   Perhaps, at that crossroads, we should start to understand that the micro is the same as the macro.   For me, I am more and more convinced […]

Leisha’s December Muse – Why I Am Passionate About Microbes

  In the face of change, many of us feel a sense of helplessness, convinced that the magnitude of the environmental and collective crisis is beyond our individual reach. We observe the vastness of Nature, the intricate web of ecosystems, and the relentless forces of nature, and wonder if our actions can truly make a […]

Fire Restoration Thoughts

  Like many places in the world, our local area has experience and rash of crazy and intense fires threatening the living ground of our nature and soil.  Prevention work is important.    One local solution is to pipe waters from our local national forest, the Podocarpus.   Living Ground feels that the solution to the […]

Living Ground Creates: From Microbes to Permacutlure

  Living Ground has been very busy working with clients to create their dream spaces.   We are creating sustainable landscapes and vibrant ecosystem . Our recent project included a food forest, a medicinal and food spiral garden, a convenient kitchen herbal garden, activiating a pond and water system, and a water-efficient irrigation system from the […]

Living Soil Yum Booster: Humic and Fulvic Acid, Azolla, Comfrey, Yarrow & Nettle

  The success of your garden begins with one fundamental factor – its soil and the microbes. This ensures a flourishing garden.  Living Soil Yum is our latest, tested all natural product to help our soils, plants and humans.  It is a mixture of our Microbe Grown Compost Humic and Fulvic Acid, Azolla, Comfrey, Yarrow, […]

Fire Flowers & Humans

    When contemplating the wondrous process by which plants convert sunlight into sustenance, it’s a reminder of the vast diversity of life.  Much of our world is on fire!   Some is natural and some is not!   It has caused a fear of fire as something we most stop and prevent.    Sun is fire.  […]

Microbes and Death

  Death is the ultimate mystery, but did you know that our bodies are home to trillions of microscopic friends that help us function during life? These little microbes break down our food, produce vitamins, and keep us free from infection. But here’s where it gets really interesting – after we pass on, these dudes […]