We’re  in trouble!   Our soils are dirt.  Soil is the most valuable and least valued resource. There is drought, flooding and leaching of our soils.    People are diseased.   Our food is deplete of nutrition (even organic)  and we face a growing public health crisis triggered by the decline of  beneficial  microbes and the rise of pathogens.   Mother Nature does not need us…but we need her healthy and strong.

We are have raised 28% of the goal to acquire the Project site.  

Now for the good news. Living Ground is in the business of mimicking Nature and farming  beneficial microbes.  We have created a change the world project that addresses and initiates solutions for many problems.    Our  primary intention is to heal the soil by farming and spreading the beneficial microbes but Living Ground is so much more. We’ve created a whole system where microbes, people and plants can  enjoy success and health!   Microbe tourism, education center, gardens, restaurant, cooperative, gourmet store, essential oils, apprenticeships, health clinic, regenerating sugar cane and corn fields, office to preserve land and water……and more!!!!! We’ve created a whole system where microbes, people and plants can enjoy meaningful employment, success and health.  The Soil Squad Ecuador found the perfect site for our microbe mission to house the Microbe Education Center.  BUT, we discovered a gas station was interested in this same property. So, we made a deal to purchase without the funds needed.


We have 2 months (march 15 deadline)  Imagine a project that circulates around the beneficial microbes to ensure success, health, healing and touches life with hope!


It is important everyone understands that soils (sand, silt and clay) hold massive amounts of nutrients in every soil every where…..but these nutrients are not in available form for the plants without the beneficial microbes. Humans have destroyed this microbial web. We have a chance to reverse this in a way to rises microbes, humans and health. Our mission is to empower the web of life.  It is time to gather everyone who gets the importance of this work, Please join us in a brainstorm “session” for the “what next” success.   When the little guys come together, everyone wins.


inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Living Ground Project – Acquiring the Project Site
Time: Jan 21, 2023 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 542 809 5352



The Launch Day was a success!    Below are some snap shots of the event day sharing the “happy people”.     We are still tallying up the expenses but it looks like we raised $1000!  Thank you Vilcabamba!       

Our Soil Squad gave it our all to serve and present to our community and share the mission and vision on Living Ground ~ Suelo Vivo.   Our compost is ready and we are spreading the microbes

We continue with our Fundraising efforts as we are charged with an important mission.  There is a huge crises on the soil front as we have lost vast amounts of soil organic matter and we continue to lose soil organic matter at a rapid pace. There is a severe water stress. There is very widespread loss of biodiversity.   Collectivelly, we are heading towards disaster, food crisis and health crisis.   Our project is about reversing this damage and mimicing nature both in operations (business structure) and in restoring the soil to ensure health for all living things.       Our deadline to acquire the project site is March 15.    We continue to ask for support.  Our intuitions are strong this project will rise when the “little good guys” come together.    There is still sharing and supporting required to reach our goal.   

Will you be a part of this important project?




Here we present the Project with love, intention and courage!         


Welcome to the last day of 2022.
This is a note to thank you all those who came to support us last Thursday night at the Gala and Launch where we shared our passion the Soil Squad has for our work in spreading the microbes.  We also hope you see the intensity and importance of this work, this mission and how it is foundational for health and change.     As we shared, this is a paradigm shift and we are dedicated to the SOILution and the way forward.
We continue to ask for help and support.   We do not wish to take for taking-sakes and are willing to work with people to give-back so that everyone wins.    We are requesting you share our mission as we do sense and feel deeply this will be successful when the “little good guys” amass and work together.
If you feel inclined and moved to financially support this project, we are willing to discuss possibilities for us to give back to you.  We desire to mimic the microbes so that everyone wins!
Here we share a “garden package” – instant garden – where all proceeds will go to the fundraiser.   Perhaps we could consult!   I am also willing to offer Live Blood Consults too.    Our microbe compost is ready and so are we.   There are so many possibilities in the collaboration project as diversity and symbiosis wins!  Our primary mission, share and move the microbes, is in full speed ahead.
Also, we invite locals to come visit the project site and take a peek at the potential.   Come take a walk with us around the site and buildings and see our vision with us.    We’d be honored!
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!  Let’s make 2023 the BEST EVER!
Leisha and the Soil Squad

I am begining to understand that the desception of the matrix in ways deeper than imagined and it is digusting.   Species banking is becoming big business…and it is putting a “worth” on nature. The deception forms as many are participating  thinking they are “protecting” nature. It appears good…and it is not. The worth of a species or a sector of nature is now determined by the law of economics – when there is low supply, demand and value increases.

Under the layers….more is being revealled.    Can economics blend with ecology?

“Eco” is our dwelling, our house. “Ology” is the study, observation and learning. Nomics is “law”. The study of our dwelling and the law of our dwelling. Again, can they be blended?

Giving “credit” to nature is how the matrix is connecting ecology and economics. It is already big business as it snuck in from the sidelines disguising as something “good” for nature. It gives value on nature as exchangable credits…good credits offset bad credits. It is giving permision for destruction as long as good credits are held.

Biodiversity is now an economic farm of capital, nature capital.  This is the business of nature. They have made nature a commodity.

This IS THE MATRIX!     

We have been trying to save nature because it is the “right thing to do” and systems have been created to “save”. My gosh, this is so horrible. The scales have tipped…and the pricelessness of nature is now given value. Whenever we put a “value” on nature, we are participating. I don’t know what the answer is…and I am not sure we will find one now other than taking a good look out our personal selves and where it is participates in that Matrix and buy into it.

Personally, I am committed to doing more research and taking a good scrutinizing look at the model created for Living Ground. Where is it buying into this matrix? Where can it be separated so that it is NOT in that matrix?

Philosophically, this is a challenge!  But it is not impossible.   Our task at Living Ground is to consider and ensure we are not swallowed into the matrix.   We are not sure how to do this…but placing attention on this the future.

To start, we are detailing our “values manifesto” so that now and in the future, it is a map or frame-work so that deceipt can not penetrate.     We also are considering offering a mandatory “Living Ground Boot Camp” mini course for any current and future leader of Living Ground.   This mini course will educate on the “little guys” and challenge the programs of our thinking and concieving that has been muddied and muddlied form our cultural learning.   All leaders must go through this mini course!

Our task now is research and deep thought.   I think it is time to change the view of “as above, so below” to “so below as above”.    What can the community of microbes teach us about operating?

Launch Day December 29  Time 12-3

Everyone is invited to attend our Launch.   Our Microbes are happy and so is the Soil Squad.     Fun, games and discovery about our Living Ground Project.    This project has the potential to transform our communities from the foundation up!    We welcome everyone to join us and find out more.    At 3, we will make a pilgrimage to the new Project Site and introduce the plan for us to become the Microbe Education Center for Ecuador.    WE are READY!

Join Us for a Day of Fun and Laughter


Open Invitation for everyone


Market Garden POD is rising.   This is a weekly cooperative basket program that will provide produce and products from Microbe Rich soils.  We suspect this POD will be offered to the public the first of the new year.     Our baskets will be freshly harvested produce from our certified Microbe Rich gardens.      The COOP Pod is connected to the Market Garden POD. It is all connected and that is our business values structure…the value of our intentions.So, this is a preliminary announcement for locals interested in being a member of this POD. Please send me your email if so!  (info@livingground.art    We will start slow and gentle at first and grow as the gardens do.


This POD is about providing a weekly basket of Microbe Rich Grown Food and gourmet products. We will have baskets for singles, couples and families. We are creating and designing this as we go..this will be an experiment in how to service you and nourish the soils at the same time.

A lot of what we are doing is moving with the microbes. Our mission is to change the path of war to raising the “little good guys” in mass. Whether that be the little good guys of the soils or little good guy humans (souls).   When you work and love a garden, you have to create. For me, that is most precious experience. Been doing this for decades now. All that learning, discovering and enjoying. It honestly is my most favourite action of my day….garden to my tummy. I love to alchemize the garden for enjoyment of the senses.

These skills of experience are a part of the Living Ground. Everything is connected. In the last 2 years I have discovered the microbes and learned how to harness and make them happy. They work with the plants to ensure bounty. I harvest the plant with joy. I make food and medicine. I am apart of the microbes and they are a part of me. It is really quite simple.

Living Ground will offer gourmet, nutrient dense, taste bud delight foods. We made Basil Infused Sun Dried Tomatoes, started a wine of basil vinegar (watermelon homemade wine) that is florescent green, buttered up a turmeric pepper horseradish sauce. There is plenty and more than plenty if you try! Last night, we had a meal that literally knocked our taste and digestion into healthy gear.

This is what this about! Diversity. Growing! Alchemizing! Healing! Loving! Deliciousness!   It is all connected.

And, as it is connected, this is a part of the Cooperative POD ..the weekly basket program. It is beyond organic and always alchemized.

Here we present some photos of the first Microbe 101 Workshop presented at Madre Tierra November 24th and 25th.    There were 29 participants in the workshop from diverse and different backgrounds.    The intention and mission of the presentations was to help others enter into the paradigm shift of understanding the importance of the microbes instead of being afraid of “germs”.     The Soil Squad feels this mission was successful.   We are looking forward to presenting many more workshops and refining and improving our work.


Current Status of Our Fundraising

We’re in trouble. Our over-reliance on fossil fuels and our taste for foods with a high carbon footprint is causing disruptive climate change. Our throwaway society has flooded the land and seas with plastic pollution. And we face a growing public health crisis triggered by the rise of disease-causing microbes that we cannot kill with antibiotics.

Now for the good news. Living Ground is entering the busy-ness of selling food…but our primary intention to provide a system where people can have ready and affordable access to gut food – that is food grown in microbe rich soils.

Our guts are a real brain. They form part of an intelligent control system which manages our bodies, particularly our appetite and so decides how much and what food we want to eat and how much and where we store fat. Our guts are also home to the bulk of our immune system. Poor guts health is at the source of modern chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and its related heart attacks, dementia etc. A health gut is really important.

But to have a healthy gut means we need the right biology in the first place and we need to feed it the right sort of food. When people find out how gut food is grown the whole idea puts most people off, which is why you can’t buy gut food from the supermarket or in a bottle from the chemist.

Healthy gut biology starts in the guts of creatures that live in the soil.   Read that again!     This microbe biology passes from the guts of the microbes and into the plants where if we eat them soon after they are harvested they will enter out guts and the plants will provide them with food so they will flourish.

We, and all animals, have been doing this for millions of years but the whole idea is totally at odds with our modern antiseptic society so eating gut food will always be for a minority group.   And, humans will diminish!    We can not duplicate Nature as much as science and technology tries.

We know how to grow gut food, you have to have soil which is full of creature of the soil.   To feed the creatures, the soils must be full of organic matter.  We don’t have to be concerned with minerals..there is plenty of that!

And we have to avoid chemicals which will harm the beneficial biology – modern chemicals may not hurt us but they can be a disaster for micro-biology.  And, I will add that Natural insecticides also are harmful.   

And we have to eat the plants shortly after they are harvested before the beneficial biology dies.

All this is a more expensive process than modern chemical industrial farming and supermarket system and to many people quite revolting, which is why we don’t see gut food products on super market shelves.

Good and nourishing food is really about growing food to feed our brain. To do that we have to feed the microbes that already are living in our gut – that’s a pre-biotic.

But we also have to breed new microbes in the soil, which will go into the plants that we will eat and hence from part of our gut brain – that’s a pro-biotic.

To breed these microbes we have to feed and water them – for that we need plants that take the energy from the sun and covert it into microbe food. The plant will exchange this food for the food it needs. So, the microbes go get the plants food.    Now the snag is that there are good bugs which will make us strong and healthy and bad bugs which at best just want to use as a comfy home to breed in – but unfortunately they often get it wrong and kill us.

To breed the good bugs – without the bad bugs taking over – we have to manage the conditions, which means food and water. The good bugs like oxygen and a little water….but not too wet (aerobic) while the bad bugs breed when it is wetter and no oxygen (anaerobic). How is oxygen transported in the human and what does it need to transport oxygen? Iron. But parasites love stored iron. Is this a rabbit hole or what?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of true health! That means a paradigm shift. It is a 360 on our beliefs about health and microbes. Well, remember, Douglas Adams wrote : “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.” We probably only know 5% or less of how Nature works..but we do have some good information to change our ways NOW. And, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!!!

Will you be apart of this soil revolution?

Good Morning Soil People

I write to you today with humbleness and courage. What we have done to the earth is “immoral” and non-life-supporting. We’ve harmed ourselves. How can we support and restore our earth so that it restores and supports us?
The Living Ground Project is about this…and it is a  legacy that I continue with all my might and hope it continues without me (the true meaning of success). It is time to connect and get this work into full action!
Here I present a short over view of the project.

Two of our members of the Soil Squad team have studied with Dr Elaine Ingham and we are completing the master’s program with her   


At a dedicated lot in Masanamaca, we are currently active in mass producing microbe rich compost and teaching locals the art and science. We are offering and doing microscope soil tests and consulting on local lands.


Organic is not enough. Our tests show that our soils are depleted as they are all over the world. It is a critical situation. So, our primary mission is to return and restore the soil food web and educate everyone.


Recently, we chose to launch (earlier than anticipated) due to a gas company that is prospecting a site we feel is perfect for our mission. This one hectare property sits an the main highway, with 1005 m2 of structures that could be easily converted to become the Microbe Center for Ecuador and South America.


It is Microbes vs Chemicals situation…..little guys vs the big AG guys.


Living Ground is a project that can (and will) positively impact our local community, Ecuador and South America. We believe we can (and we are) co-creating an ecosystem business that enables an entire bio-region to thrive, restoring balance to Nature, nourishing microbes, plants and people, and generating improved conditions for future generations. The project puts people and microbes before profits as it is created as a collaboration and cooperation project where everyone wins.


Our Project Overview:


We have created PODS that are operations that rise form the microbe rich soils. All PODS will be inter-dependent connected to the Microbe Rich Compost and Consultancy POD. We will train and raise leaders for success in each POD (ALL PODS are underlined)

  1. Education Center: Offering Apprenticeships and Certification (locally and globally)
  2. A Microscope Laboratory for testing soils. We will train leaders in art and science and raise Consultants to go out with this message and work. We have a give back program to help locals convert and sell their harvest to Living Ground (those that can not afford this work)
  3. Restore and Protect Sacred Sites. A real estate POD dedicated to protection and teaching about restoring contaminated lands.
  4. Collaborate/utilize microbe rich plant harvests to produce gourmet foods. (Weekly Garden Cooperative, Restaurant and Tienda) (imagine sugar cane and corn fields with microbe rich soils and healthy plants) Our Restaurant and Tienda will be fashion of the Sacred Commerce operation of Cafe Gratitude. A commercial kitchen to Package Gourmet Food (elixirs, tonics, nutrient dense foods) in a fun and trendy manner.
  5. We intend also to convert local lands also for Plants for Essential Oil Production (export).
  6. Globally we want to be an experiential education center for Eco Tourism where families and individuals can experience Microbes in a full and intricate way (Hostel and Dormitory Rooms)Our business model can be replicated and duplicated and that is our intention…go grow far and wide.
Our first mission is to spread the microbes and regenerate land by spreading the knowledge that the soil food web (the microbes) is the foundational for ALL health Chronic disease is rooted in a loss of soil microbes. Our second is to train and raise leaders to successfully do this work. We intend to employ 40 people local and gringo. Our team is ready!!
If we lose this land to the Gas Company, we will continue. it will be a shame but will stay focused on this solution putting soil and people before profits.
Can you help us? Can we meet about potentials?
We are willing to share our Business Model Plan built on Sacred Commerce. We are open to investment discussions and sharing the Project Costing and Projections. We are asking for you to become a Soil Squad Team member and help support this project for everyone’s benefit now and in the future.
Thank you for your attention,
Leisha and the Soil Squad!

Featured Video

A look into the life of Leisha and the home land of Living Ground.    

Soil Tests 

Microbiology soil testing done with a microscope.   Every test is explained to you in simple terms.   A suggested way forward is offered so that you gardens and land can flourish with the “good guy” microbes.   


Quality, tested and certified with minimum microbe requirements for all plant life.   Our piles are a science in art of Nature.   Guaranteed no pathogens or bad guys.

Soil  Stories

Little stories about soil health and reclaiming soil health.  Everyone is learning this new science  Here I share to educate and help.  Here I desire you to understand and take this knowledge and change our world.



There is a router on site sitting outside the house..  It is fiber optics high speed.   The password in posted in the house and is listed under the router as well.   Feel free to turn this off at night if you desire.


The water is from our own water system and is from the Podocarpus mountains.   For foreigners, we suggest using the Berky Water Filter as your biome is not used to the water born microbes.    


Kitchen is fully stocked for 4 people.  There is a fridge/freezer and an oven.   Hot water is provided by a Califone.   If you run out of propane, please let us know.  We can replace immediately


Google Maps

Our location is 15 minutes south of Vilcabamba.   A taxi from Vilcabamba is $6. 


The nearest ariport is Catamayo, Loja.    This is a $30 -$40 taxi ride and approximately 1 hour drive.   Catamayo airport is connected to Quito and there are generally 2 flights every day.   For international guests, we are most happy to help arrange the taxi


Driving Directions:     Go south from Vilcabamba towards Quinara.   You will be going over the mountain.   Drive past the Quinara turn-off.   On the left is the Living Ground Project Site.      Go through the town Masanamaca and over the river/bridge.    Make your first immediate left.   There are signs for the Trout Resaurant.     Go up this dirt road 500 m.   At the top of the incline, our driveway in on the right.   It is a chain-link fence.    Please come in and drive into the propery.   Our dogs will let us know you have arrived.    

The drive is cicular.   The guest house is on the other side of the driveway.   It is green and has its’ own driveway.   


Please close the gates once you drive through.   Thank you!


We do not have phone towers at our location.  Therefore, google maps is not available once you go over the mountain.    Please use these directions.


There are many animals who live with us

Two Dogs:   Clara and Rambo.   Clara is an older dog who loves attention.  If you pet her she will stay for more and more.   Rambo is young.  He loves to play.  Both are sweet.

Three Cats:   Chicory, Max and Bobina.   Chicory and Max are private cats and you probably won’t meet them.  Bobina is our healing cat and likes to welcome all guests.  If you let her, she will cuddle with you at night.   If you do not wish to cuddle, please close the door at night.   

Ducks:    Our main couple is Pink and Floyd.   They like to hang out at the main house.   


There are special instructions to unsure hot water.    This is an outdoor tub.  We do clean it the day before you arrive.  However, debris will blow in.   Also, there are protective covers on the jets to prevent ants making their home.  Please remove before use.   


You are welcome to use the herbs from the Guest House gardens.   Also, please feel free to walk the property.   We have a lot of oranges, lemons and mangerines.   Enjoy!    

Servies and product Offerings

Below is an outline of the servives and offerings we share.   The Living Ground Soil Squad is most happy to share about our project and take you on a tour of the Project Site.   If you are interested in any of the products or services, please let us know.

We offer Live Blood Analysis, Dried Blood, Iridology, Ozone Treatments, Lymphatic and Spinal Care therapy and Bowen

We also have an amazing musician on site who offers lessons.  He often can be heard playing music which is very soothing for the land and soul.      We also have a basket program so you can visit the Market Garden (5 mins) and harvest your own microbe grown products.


On January 6th, the dream and vision of Living Ground ~ Suelo Vivo was presented to the community here in Southern Ecuador.   The intention was to share  hope that, together, we could actually enact a solution to the state of affairs we are all facing and enduring.   I do feel many of us know what the problem is.   Here is a solid  “soilution”! 

Are we ready?!    

A US Foundation (whose intention is global food sovereignty) gifted us with a tractor and a Mighty Mike Microbe Compost turner.    A huge gift that enables us to make massive amounts of biologically rich compost.    The Foundation’s  name is “River of Kindness”   So, we have the equipment.    Over the past two years, I have been in actively studying and applying experiential knowledge of the teachings of Dr Elaine Ingham (www.soilfoodweb.com).  We have the knowledge.    We have negotiated a long term lease on land and a potential to purchase two parcels.  We have the land.   Now, we need the team and the financial means to make this happen.     Call me crazy, but I see it all coming together easily.

As I shared in the presentation on January 6th (see video below), I have no intention of “running” a business nor do I wish too.    BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT.    I would much prefer to walk next to others in this dream as a group.   So, I am giving it my best shot to inspire others to collaborate.    If it doesn’t work, I just make a lot of compost and share with clients who want to regenerate in a small scale.     We are gearing up to do a fundraiser and that will be announced soon.


We need leaders to rise with intention and focus.   At the workshop, many did sign up for PODs.   This is an amazing opportunity at so many levels.  Not only can we regenerate the soils and remove the harmful chemicals and sprays seeping into our food system,  we can harvest amazing results at all levels of existance from the smallest of the microbes to the human being.   We can reduce farmers/growers input costs; we can reduce water needs; we can increase crop yields; and, my favourite, we can ensure plants have nutritional fullness (human health).  This Operation Microbes means everyone wins (profits).    It really is a win/win/win!

The vision….

  1. have a location that is producing live microbe rich composts, teas and extracts that will be spread locally and beyond.
  2. have a large greenhouse for medicinal and rare plants
  3. a market stand and hang out with elixirs, tonics, medicinal spices, herbs and foods.   
  4. we will sell only products produced in microbe soils.   Growers can sell their produce all year round.   
  5. we will create a full-blown active soil microscope laboratory.   
  6. we will help growers convert to microbes and away from chemicals
  7. we will help targeted growers to grow  plants for essential oils and purchase their plants to make the essential oils in a distillery.   
  8. we will have a workshop area and train, teach and guide regeneration
  9. we will help growers produce more and reduces costs.   
  10. we will gain our health and microbiome strength from the foods grown in microbe rich soils.   
  11. we will create art around the microbes and sell T-Shirts and Base Ball Caps with microbe art and “I love shit” (spanish and english). 

It will be an education center, hang out, and fully alive business.   Everyone will win.  Profit sharing is horizontal so everyone benefits.

Can you see it?   

Here is a view of the presentation in English and Spanish  (and, sorry, it announces this is January 22nd…I really do not know what the date is anymore…it was January 6th).   


For the creation of Living Ground, Suelo Vivo, to happen, we need to rise and educate POD leaders.   That was the intention of the presentation.     There are nine PODS each having equal worth to the bigger whole.    All PODS are formed on the foundation of the “good guy” microbes.  Whether it be the compost makers, testers (lab techs), growers, artists, gourmet market operators, distillery creators (essential oils)  they all connect to the infusion and presence of the microbes.   We are mearly the creative force in the “soil food web” rising its’ importance (foundational) so all thrive and benefit.

For more details on the POD descriptions (listed below), view the POD CREATION SHEET

 I also encourage everyone and all interested parties to connect on the Living Ground Telegram Channel

The Operations Microbe goal is rise up and inspire 2 POD leaders for each section (preferably one local and one gringo) who will be fully trained and mentored in the creation process.   The leaders will be linked together to ensure all teams are working with integrity, empowerment and inspiration.   Each leader will be trained in Tools and Art of Sacred Commerce.    All training will be offered freely in exchange of the commitment to make this happen.    

It is my commitment to offer all training (whether in the operations and understanding of the microbes, soil food web or sacred commerce) to all those who show up.   If the team member chooses not to continue with the creation, there will be an agreement made that training costs will be reimbursed.    There really does need to be a common vision and a selfless commitment towards this creation.   My effort will be given and shared only for those who really do want to put this dream into action.   

For those who attended the workshop on January 6th and signed up for the PODS, you have been added to the mailing and communication lists.   If you are interested in a POD after watching the presentation video, please contact me EMAIL


We are now preparing to raise the necessary funds for “Operation Microbe” set-up.   Here are the PODS…

Full Financial Requirements for “Operation Microbe Creators”  


Compost Makers ~ Microbe Makers Build Microbe Compost, Teas & Extracts.
Two Team Leaders (Gringo/Local)
Lab Techs ~ Microbe Testers Laboratory Soil Testing of the Microbes
Two Team Leaders (Gringo/Local)
Consultancy Team
Microbe Infusers
Off Site Consultancy to regenerate lands, farms and gardens. .
Two Team Leaders (Gring/Local) and a team of compost workers.
Must be fully trained in understanding the soil tests, compost and applications to regenerate land (including removal of toxins, chemicals and toxins)
Distiller One Team Leader with team
Creation of pure essential oils and operations of the stills. Bottlings and labeling
Onsite Gardener and Grower
Microbe Planters
On site part time
Potting of plants and seeds for sale
TiendaOperation ~ Microbe Sales Two Team Members (Gringo and Local)
Operations of the Microbe Market that will showcase Microbe products and produce.
Tea/Tapa Bar and making of food and offerings.
Off Site Microbe Artists Microbe Creatives
Product makers but the base must be all products are connected to the microbes
Off Site Microbe Growers Produce to sell in the Tienda/Market or used for Essential Oil making

As above, so below!   Up, up and away!